AC Cobra, Carroll Shelby, RM Sotheby’s

Awesome is such an over-used word nowadays, they use it from bug sprays to pan cakes! But sometimes the word applies, particularly in this case.

It’s raw acceleration, ability to turn at any speed, extraordinary road grip, and sensitive breaks put it among the top 5 racing cars ever built. Shelby AC Cobra or Shelby Cobra, most widely recognized as the AC Cobra is the King of Legends, a giant killer and the World’s most evil sports car, having Ford’s V8 engine with its manufacturing bases in the UK and the USA.
The credit goes to one man who built a small car company into an American legend, Carroll Shelby. His lust for automobiles is itself a passionate history – Carroll used to ride his bicycle all the way to the racing track and the history of Cobra runs parallel to the history of street racing in the US. Shelby built his first car entirely from scratch and initially, he took a dysfunctional car from Britain and put in Ford’s engine in it – at that time, no one knew that his idea would even work, let go off the success!
At this time, we have only a handful of AC Cobras available in the market but those who know the legacy of this car, are willing to pay any amount to enjoy the lust of breaking acceleration thresholds! Anything that could possibly degrade the speed and handling was simply ‘not there’. They had an aluminum body, two seats, no windows and top (as in a racing car), a racing suspension system, and as much horsepower as it could be packed inside it.
By 1962 November, some of the Cobra cars had been built and was approved to participate in a racing competition. This was all Carroll Shelby had been waiting for. By 1963, Cobra, with then popular Ford engine, had won 3 major racing titles!
After fine-tuning the racing version of Cobra to a street friendly version by installing the front grille guard, rear bumper guard, seat belts, wide tires, AM radio, Cobra was authorized to race up the storms in crowded vicinities.
One of the interesting parts about Cobras is that they’re very hot while running that you could feel the heat against your sneakers while pushing against the pedal as it has very thing firewall of aluminum.
Unlike every other masterpiece that goes to the museum, Cobra’s first ever car has made its way to the auction block of RM Sotheby’s. Although the interior has completely worn out and the exterior has faded quite a lot, the car belongs to the highest bidder!

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