Nico Rosberg, Formula One, Austrian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton

Nico Rosberg, Formula One, Austrian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton

Speed, acceleration, thrill, danger, passion and life meet on the track of Austrian Grand Prix to satisfy the appetite of racing enthusiasts.

The two-hour drive from Vienna, set deep in the lush green countryside of Austria, the super-fast, Spielberg circuit has a rich history in Formula One.


The circuit provides an opportunity for the fans to see cars racing flat-out and is quite a lot audible. It also offers many excellent viewing areas for the spectators who have witnessed Nico Rosberg claim victory in both of the last two years.
As Rosberg was racing down the track for a hat-trick, a spontaneous and unfortunate incident occurred when his Mercedes crashed into his team mate, Lewis Hamilton’s car and pushed Hamilton against the podium.

Title defender, Rosberg, cured his car and was back on the track in no time. Although Rosberg seems to be blaming Hamilton for the accident, saying that he turned inside and slammed into his car and punished his front wing, the stands as a controversial race.
Not surprisingly, Hamilton has disagreed and the staff as well who also penalized Rosberg with a 10-second time for causing the collision and carrying on with the damaged car that ultimately led to an issue in the brake-by-wire system of his car after embracing the lap whereas Hamilton had fresher tires installed immediately after the crash . However, Toto Wolff did not lean on anyone’s side, called out the collision as ‘brainless’ and emphasized that he might have to consider on imposing the code of conduct on teams.

The crowd had mixed opinions but the majority was supporting Rosenberg because when Hamilton was being interviewed, the crowd hooted and whistled to show their disapproval with what was being said by him.

Talking about the rest of the participants, Dutch star, Max Verstappen was the runner-up of this race as he embraced the title for Red Bull, Kimi Raikkonen finished third.
Kiwi icon, Daniel Ricciardo was the fifth racer to embrace the finish line for Red Bull whereas Jenson Button of Britain, finished sixth for McLaren, although he had been running second for a few initial laps.
Frenchman Romain stood seventh and was followed by Carlos Sainz and Valtteri Bottas
German rookie Pascal Wehrlein scored his first point in Formula One, and his Manor team’s first of the season, with a remarkable 10th.
Collision apart, after nine of the season’s 21 races, Rosberg has 153 points to Hamilton’s 142.

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