The Xbox is one of the most varied and versatile gaming consoles on the market today.It was actually the first new gaming console to be introduced after the video game industry almost crashed at the end of the last century.

The brand itself has since expanded into a wide variety of different technologies

, making consoles that do everything from allowing you to play games with a controller, to playing DVDs and Blu-rays, to using motion capture technology which lets the player use his body as the game controller.


The original Xbox

, when it debuted in 2001, was an instant success, and because the brand has been dedicated to ensuring the longevity of their brand, there are still many games that are compatible with that device and many people are still faithfully using their original devices, if they have been kept in good condition.

What made the Xbox different from previous gaming consoles was its format.

While the Xbox 360 did eventually beat out the record number of units the original Xbox , this first, robust little machine is still a favorite among many gamers. Thousands of games were developed for this platform. If there is a certain game that you want to play, it is probably available for Xbox, even if it is not available for any other console.

This platform has also had some of the best selling and highest rated games at its disposal, even from the very beginning.

Where it also succeeds is in offering up a wide variety of games.Unlike previous consoles, which might have only offered first person shooters and side scrolling or platforming adventures, this new format allowed developers to expand their offerings and provide games that appealed to a much wider audience.Whether you do prefer first person shooters or whether you want to play something a little more obscure, there are lots of different options for you to choose from when you buy an Xbox.

An Xbox is a great investment.

If you buy today, you’ll have years and even decades of use. The number of games you have to choose from means you’ll never run out of things to play. Buy today to get one of the best gaming systems available!

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