101Hero: The World’s First 3D Printer

The 101 Hero is a game changer as far as the 3D printing industry is concerned. It comes with a very simple design thereby making it easy for anyone person to use it. The setup process is also quite simplified as compared to the one involved when setting up the traditionally large and complicated 3D printers. For the 101 Hero, the set up process can be completed in a matter of minutes, and best of all, it does not require a computer for it to be operated.

3D Printing For Everyone

When designing the 101 Hero, the primary goal of this project was to eliminate the need for one to be experienced in 3D modeling, as well as the need to master design software that is complicated so as to use it in printing. With this printer, you can download images from the straight to your SD card, which you can then insert in the slot present in the printer.

Printing is done at the touch of a button and designs are printed from common plastics such as ABS, HIPS and PLA. The 101 Hero 3D printers have introduced a new printing approach making it easier for any person, even a beginner to be able to dream, design and create.
The team behind the printer design used their technical knowhow and knowledge to come up with a product that is not only light and simple, but one that is also effectively designed. The combination of these features has helped ensure that the Hero 3D printer is the cheapest in the market at the moment. It retails for less than a hundred dollars which has helped make it affordable for both home and school use.

It is the perfect printer for 3D beginners as it has been designed with students and youngsters in mind. Although it is a great product for use in the classroom or at home, the 101 Hero 3D printers is perfect for any 3D printing task from prototyping, arts and crafts to small production runs.

The printer is mainly offered as a consumer version, though it also comes in a developer and designer version. All the three 101 Hero 3D printer versions are USB compatible and can be used with any Linux, Windows or Mac systems. For the Linux system, the machine will need to be running the common open software programs such as Cura and slic3r. The fact that it is highly adaptable means that it can be used by any user regardless of their skill level.

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